Thursday, March 31, 2011


Hey there.  This is Sulz.  I am here to post some stuff that I have done, am working on, and will continue to work on further.

My latest work is my son!  Shepherd just turned two months old!

This is a model I worked on for an Animation Mentor type school.  They wanted a very simple character that the students could animate.  The rig and morph targets were created by a TA at Naughty Dog.  Once I see this guy in action, I will post some link.:

This is the model I did for the modeling contest at FXS.

Here are Carmen and Peter, the two main characters for a short film I am working on with Dennis and Justin T.

This is a texture test of Peter.

We are in the process of re-doing the faces for both Carmen and Peter so they are based off of a very excellent facial rig that we can get the best morphs out of.  I will post up more images of these models as they reach different milestones in their development.  

And a full body of Peter.

This is an old bust I made for fun.

This is a very old model that I did in college.  We all start somewhere.  Yes, it is a Vampire Ginger Bread Man.

Also, this weekend, I will take some photos of my figure drawings from the figure drawing workshops we have every other Wednesday.  Thanks for checking out the blog!


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