Friday, April 1, 2011


The last piece I did a while back.


  1. Badass, Piero. The horseman's armor is just awesome, and the motion blur effect works great with the poses you used. The color palette does a great job of conveying the gloomy, cold atmosphere.

    My one crit would be that the foreground soldier and the horseman feel a bit flat and separated, like they were meant to be 2D cutouts for a store display. The transition between them is very sudden. The lighting on the horse also flattens the scene a bit. Maybe some intense rim lighting from the moon and some glossy highlights on the horse's coat would help it feel more dimensional.

    Really great work man!

  2. thanks guys! Great comments Zack. I'd love to say I'll get to that, but there's a good chance I wanna just move on at this point, hahaha...

  3. So I found out today this piece got into Exposé 9 this year. Wohoo!